Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Properties and Benefits of Zam Zam Water in Urdu book

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Aab e Zam Zam has value in the Muslim due to his regarding of Hazrat Ibrahim a.s and Ismail a.s as well. Aab e Zam Zam water is pure and clean all kind of Debasement and also according to international standard, and able to drink.
 Benefits of Zam Zam

 It is the memento of Allah. this holy water has worth that it is food for hunger and healing for ill.

zam zam water har mushkil ka hai. iss liye issay lazmi use karu.  lakin iss say phlay zam zam water dua yad kar lena ya parh lena iss say apko sawab milyga. Dunya ma bohat sy miracles of zamzam water hu chuky hain yakin ni ata tu internet open kr k dyk lo.

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