Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sugar Free Khanon ka Dastarkhwan Urdu Book

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sugar free cooking book urdu
Today world majority suffer from diabetes.  They can not eat normal food as other people inhale. So I am posting the book Sugar-free khano ka dastarkhwan in Urdu.  With the help of this guide they can prepare sugar free food in thei houses.

Sugar-free Cooking topic list

  • Phla plan nashta
  • tesra plan
  • sugar kay marezo kalie
  • nishasta
  • khany k waqt
  • vitamin
  • Sabziyan
  • Bangal ki fish
  • Dahi paneer
  • Palak
These above subjects and many more in the Sugar Free Khanon ka Dastarkhwan. I hope you will like and please give feedback in comments. Share our content with friends.

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