Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Durood Shareef se Ilaj Amliyat Book

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Durood Shareef se Ilaj
In Hadith "For each Durood Shareef that you recite, 10 sins are pardoned, ten effective works are registered into your plane of activities and ten places are improved".

This book is very helpful for Healing of spiritual issues in the house and anyone in life.

Durood shreef topi list

  • Darood shareef kasy paish kiya jay
  • Rizq hilal
  • Riya kari
  • Khas mukay
  • Durood in Hadith
  • Mushkilat ka hal
  • Dushmano sy hifazat ka aml
  • Banjh pan
  • Jadu tonay ka ilaj
Above all topic has been discussed in the Durood Shareef se Ilaj book in pdf Urdu.

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