Sunday, March 13, 2016

Chand Aur Main by Ahmed Faraz Poetry Urdu Book

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Chand Aur Main
Hey, Today I am giving a gift of the poetry book in Urdu. The book name is Chand Aur Main by Ahmed Faraz. Ahmed Faraz is the best poet of the Pakistan History. 

Following Poetry are in the Chand Aur Main by Ahmed Faraz

  • Hui sham tu anky
  • Wafa Parast
  • Ajeeb Rut the
  • Aqeedat
  • Sach ka zehar
  • Konsa naam tujhy doo
  • Teray qareeb a k bari uljhan ma hu
  • Takhleeq
  • Ye kaisi rut hai
  • Main q Udas ni hu
  • Gai rut
  • Nazar bujhi tu 
I am sure you will really enjoy when reading this useful book. Do not waste more time and download now

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